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Like many of those who belong to my generation my first artistic endeavours were inspired by watching Neil Buchanan present Art Attack on Saturday mornings, I watched intently thinking ‘I can do this!’ So when gifted with my first set of ‘proper’ crayons I sat before my blank piece of paper with excitement brewing in my belly as I would dream of all the fantastic things that could create. And, without hesitation, I began.

Once done, I looked upon my invention and could not believe my eyes – I had indeed created nothing more than a scribble. A decade later and I am still producing scribbles but in a way that is more refined.

My interest in graphic design, however, stemmed from a foundation art and design degree at the University of Wolverhampton, and appealed to my love for art and literature due to essentially being an emulsion of the two. Consequentally, I continued to study visual communication over the next 3 years.

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  1. Hi Sharon. Im talking to year 11 art students tomorrow’s about sixth form. Could you please send me a quote about your experience at GD. #shortnoticeshaw


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